Online Wealth Management Certification

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Here is what you will learn:

Financial Planning

We are Online Training Company with physical presence in Bhopal,Indore,Mumbai and Chennai.This course will give participants complete clarity on  Role of Financial Planner  and  Financial Planning Process. They will get exposure on  Contract and Documentation involved.

Wealth Management & Economy

Wealth Management is not possible without understanding key economic indicators like revenue deficits ,fiscal deficit, current account deficit ,interest rate   cycle . Students will also learn about exchange rates.They will also know about Financial Blood Report (FBR)

Equity Investment

In this program participants will know about  Investment & Risk Management in Equity.They will understand role of equity in business and  Active and Passive Exposures .They will learn about. Fundamental and Technical Analysis .

Debt Investment

Participants of this course will understand Investment & Risk Management in  Debt. They will understand about deposits and Debt Securities.They will learn about Valuation of Debt Securities , Yields and Interest Rate Risk.They will get clarity on passive investment in debt.

Income Tax

In this program trainees will get clarity on previous Year and Assessment Year. They will learn about Gross Total Income and  Income Tax Slabs. Students will understand the concept of  Advance Tax and Tax  Deducted at Source.Students will get to know all the tax exemptions available on various instruments of investment.

Alternative Investment

In program participants will get knowledge about alternate investments like Gold, Real  Estate, Derivatives ,Future and Options. They will know the difference between venture capital and private equity. They will also get to know about hedging in investment.

NCFM Wealth Management Module

We have designed our curriculum in such a way that it covers all the topics of NCFM Wealth Management Module Certification. You get certificate from MySkill after completing your course and then you can take NCFM Exam and clear this certification.

How are we different from Others

1.The complete training team is from corporate background with more then 50 years of corporate experience in companies like Amazon,Tata and Reliance Industry.

2.During the course you will get a chance to interact with top Finance leaders who will share their experience with you.

3.Our complete curriculum is in sink with National Stock Exchange NCFM Wealth Management Module and you will easily clear the exam after this program.

4.We have tie up with employers who are ready to hire our students after they attain expertise in wealth management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this program for? What will it do for me?

This program is designed for graduates who are in their final year or have just completed graduation.This course is suitable for those candidates who are looking for bank and financial services job as there is huge demand of wealth managers in these organisations.

2. What If I am already a working professional? Should I still pursue this course?

If you are a working professional and want to make a career in banking and fiancial sector then this course is for you.The best part of this program is that it is online and you can easily complete it without disturbing your regular job.

3. How is this course different from other online courses?

This course is delivered by industry experts who have more than 50 years of combined experience in financial services industry.You will also get an internship opportunity while pursuing this course which will give you practical experience of all the things you are learning during this course.

4. What kind of support is available for placement after this course?

We have tie up with banks and financial services industry who are always in look out for skilled manpower.But you need to put lot of efforts in learning so that you can easily get job post this course.

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